About Us

Our mission at designecentral, inc. is delivering Business Solutions anytime and from anywhere which enhances our Customer’s Business Productivity.

Delivering Business Solutions anytime and from anywhere to the custom installation industry, this concept, is inherently about creating new choices, about divergence, providing new alternatives and solutions.  We are motivated to automate recurring business processes, assisting custom installation integrators in their day-to-day operations providing easy to learn, easy to use business solutions, hosted on secure servers, very affordable, time-efficient, and accessible anytime and from anywhere by your Business Team.

After years of developing a Box Software product and understanding the way people were looking at software for their company we decided to handle their needs.  We designed, integrated, and implemented Business Solutions which are delivered or access via the internet providing the ability to utilize the solution anytime and from anywhere without the lengthy installation process found in other traditional software.

This process, delivering software via the internet, is gaining popularity over the years partly due to speed of access and the general acceptance of the reducing their IT Overhead (improving their Green footprint).  As companies look at ways of improving their Business Process they look towards software which could assist.  A few issues that arise with traditional incompatibility software are the incompatibility for easily communicating with other business software and the accessibility of business data for your Business Team.  These are why we provide flexibility in integrating these Business Software and collaboration.

Taking a look back from our beginning, we believe we are on track providing the vision or Delivering Business Solutions via the Internet allowing the Users accessibility anytime and from anywhere to their Business Processes – improving their Business.